Smart Pix Manager, Photo and Multimedia Management Software          
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Smart Pix Manager, Photo and Multimedia Management Software

Smart Pix Manager v12 is a feature rich upgrade offering numerous changes and improvements. 

For information on upgrading, please see our upgrade page.

v12 Top Ten Enhancements

1 Mouse Gestures

Click and drag the screen to quickly navigate, view and manage your photos, e.g. drag left to show the next image, draw an X to delete or an upside-down U to rotate

2 Double-size thumbnails

Need a better view of your photos? Use the new file display option for super-sized thumbnails

Double Size Thumbnails!

3 Improved Maps

Better support for maps using the GPS fields added by your camera, including maps in the main window and display of markers for all selected files (Great for tracking your entire holiday!)

4 Powerful Encryption

Securely store your files within the media library with powerful "Blowfish" encryption and password protection

5 Enhanced Styling

The User Interface has been overhauled with updated graphics, modern windows styled thumbnail grids and a new skin, "Chrome"

6 New Transition Effects

26 cool transition effects featuring hearts, stars, crosses and explosions have been added to spruce up your slideshow

7 New Database Engine

Updated database engine for improved performance when searching, filtering, finding duplicates, etc.

8 Autoplay Support

When inserting a disk, thumb drive or camera to your computer Smart Pix Manager is now offered as a view or retrieval source (including Windows 7 and Vista)

9 Find Files without Descriptions

New search option to display all files for which you have not assigned a description

10 Improved Performance

Optimization of many functions including image display using multicore processing



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